"Five episodes from 
      Le garage hermètique"
                   [LBN012] 28 November 2011 

"Five episodes from Le Garage Hermetique" is a trip into the imaginative world of French artist and writer Moebius (Jean Giraud) freely transformed in music by Di Bos. 
Sound-Collage music for a short psychedelic journey.


Di Bos - Episode 27

Di Bos - Episode 19

Di Bos - Episode 05

Di Bos - Episode 09

Di Bos - Episode 22

 All tracks are composed and assembled by Di Bos - Biella (Italy) 2010/2011 
THANKS TO: La bèl,Cami,Mati,Sere,Elisa Luu.
SAMPLES & FRAGMENTS: Freesound.org,Zeitgeist,Wallace & Gromit,Billy Martin,Kaponja,Sorohanro,

Joey Baron,Frank Zappa,Faust,Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares,Igor Stravinskij,Ludwig van Beethoven and others...

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