Di Bos (Adriano Bossola) was born and lives in Biella. (Piedmont,North-West-Italy)

At 9 years old he creates the character/musician Drizzotti Bos, famous experimenter and innovator from the Esgagitric continent.

1990/2000: Drummer of Optus Marianna and others band.

November, 1999: “Disoriente” - Optus Marianna

2005: Di Bos self-producing the album “Noel Galaxy Hotel”.

2005: “Dottor Divago” by Dottor Divago (experimental/psycho/pop with Gerry Lanza)

2008: Di Bos self-producing the albumSbarleffi Stravonka

2008: “Giallo Nero Insonnia” by Dottor Divago (experimental/psycho/pop with Gerry Lanza)

01 March 2010: Di Bos started “La bèl netlabel” with your friend Elisa Luu.

June, 2010: Di Bos, under the name Drizzi, started “NetMusic Life”, a musical blog about netlabels and creative commons music.

March 17, 2010: “Gus RolL Love/Capatùly” [LBN001]

November 28, 2011: “Five episodes from Le garage hermètique” [LBN012]

February 2016: Di Bos has worked on the soundproofing of the Armando Riva exhibit “Sguardi Trafitti”.

July 14, 2016: The track “Sguardi Trafitti” appears on “Into The Rift: Volume One”, an anthology edited by american netlabel Cerebral Audio.

December 2017: Di Bos begins an happy collaboration with the band Macchiato Funky (Michele Seggiaro, Massimo Ferretto, Nicolò Seggiaro).

May 27, 2018: Macchiato Funky - Bugella 20-50 [LBN042]

May 2020: A new collaboration with Michele Seggiaro in the Better Radio’s podcast “La Biella che suonava”.

January 20, 2021: "Smailin Ca(r)Ma" [LBN048]